Monday, August 12, 2013

Mummy's boy

Gor Gor is such a baby! Whenever mummy come close, she will cuddle up and put on the good boy front. What a fake! I kekeke.... but im sure mummy still loves me as much. I dont need those kind of stuff, i win with my character. Agree?


Go the to park please

Its been almost 3 weeks since we last smelled the grass in parks.... oh! how me and gor gor miss those. Daddy was having his exams and we didnt have a chauffer to bring us anywhere. Oh well, yar, we still do the twice a day walk around the neighbourhood, but it's just not the same. I cant dance with Cola, I cant sprint with my friends. Mummy, can we skeep tv and go to the park please?


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

When there's nothing to do? Chew!

Its been a while since I tasted the yummiliciois milk bone!  Mum has either been real stingy or rral forgetful to get us some. Oh well, being the lovable and forgiving fur kids that we are, we'll forgive her this time round. No more next timr, ok mummy?

Play session between the brothers

I might be a much bigger boy than gor-gor, but i am gentle giant! See, the way that i play with Aemon, he is the one who is attacking, and i play defend only! I know mummy and daddy love to watch us play, so it's on replay every night. Tune in!

Tobi sharing a dance with a friend

hello friends! long time no post. that's only because i am taking dancing lessons. dont believe, here's a video of me practicing with my friend Cola. Although we are meeting for the first time, we hit it off quite immediately. Pardon the awkward start, but oh well, it ended it off perfectly. Will you dance with me next?

How do I look?

Mummy gave Aemon a hair cut today and he looks kinda ridiculous with thst big head and aneroxic body. Lol! Heng ah, I dont have to be put through this.